Children learn best when they have a strong sense of belonging and are provided a secure atmosphere in which to discover the world for themselves, according to their own interests and abilities. Our curriculum actively promotes emotional security, community connection, and independent learning.

We believe that play IS a child’s work, and that the spirit of play must be present in all aspects of early childhood learning. Accordingly, our program promotes and facilitates children’s play throughout the curriculum.

Art, music, stories and imaginative play hold substantial places in the children’s day. Cognitive skills- math, science and reading readiness activities are woven into the curriculum in developmentally appropriate ways, as are opportunities for fine and large motor development so critical to later academic success.

We are committed to developmentally appropriate practice and a child-centered program for all children in our care.


The Running Brook Children Nursery has three different age classes for two to four year-olds.

Because children develop at different paces, we do not require toilet training.

Programs we offer:

Class Age* Days Time Class Meets # of Students Adult:Child Ratio
2 Tu/Th 9:00-11:30** 12 1:3
3 M/W/F 9:00-11:30 16 1:5
4 M/Tu/Th/F 12:45-3:15 16 1:5

* Age Requirement: Students must have turned their Class Age by September 1st. Thus a child who turns 2 on September 2nd (or later) would not be eligible for the present year's "2-Year class."

** 2's Class: This class meets from 9:00 - 11:00 for the first half of the year, and extends to meet from 9:00 - 11:30 in January, after the Winter Break.